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Introducing Spend Intelligence: From the Enlightened Solutions Suite, Seventh Sense Consulting (SSC)

August 14, 2023, Woodbridge, VA – Today, Enlightened Solutions, a product development team at Seventh Sense Consulting, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release and launch of Spend Intelligence™, a cutting-edge spend management solution that promises to transform how organizations optimize their spending. With a focus on efficiency, productivity, and informed decision-making, Spend Intelligence™ is poised to become the go-to tool for corporate and commercial clients seeking a seamless and intelligent approach to spend planning and forecasting.

Spend Intelligence™ is a comprehensive and user-friendly software that empowers organizations to optimize their financial resources like never before. As corporations navigate the complexities of planning and managing budgets, expenses, and contracts, this game-changing tool brings clarity and control to the forefront.

One of the key highlights of Spend Intelligence™ is the deep domain expertise that is designed into the software. Developed by a team of seasoned professionals, including senior program managers, procurement experts, and spend managers, the software is backed by 25+ years of invaluable government industry experience. With this level of knowledge infused into the platform, clients can rest assured that they have access to best practices and workflows that deliver tangible results.

You can choose how you want to deploy Spend Intelligence™. Clients have the freedom to choose between cloud-based deployment on the SSC’s GCC-High platform, SSC commercial cloud platform, or on-premises, depending on your organizational preferences and security requirements.

The allure of Spend Intelligence™ extends beyond its impressive capabilities; it also offers an intuitive and engaging user experience. Dashboards allow leadership to stay on top of spending across the organization. Spend Intelligence makes it easy to reallocate funds among spend categories. Your contractors can submit Estimates to Complete (ETCs) to inform your forecasts.

"Spend Intelligence is our newest wat that Seventh Sense is providing enlightened solutions that deliver lasting value,” said Herb Watson, CEO and President of Seventh Sense Consulting.

"We are proud to present Spend Intelligence™ as the ultimate spend management solution for agency and commercial clients," said Lisa Akers, EVP of Products at Seventh Sense Consulting. "Our customers shared their needs in spend planning and provided valuable input on the design so that they gain more insight into their finances, optimize their spend, and unlock the full potential of their resources."

The official launch of Spend Intelligence marks a new era in spend management for commercial clients. To celebrate this milestone, Enlightened Solutions Suite is offering exclusive access to a limited-time free trial of the software for interested organizations.

For more information about Spend Intelligence and to claim your free trial, please visit:

About Enlightened Solutions Suite:

Enlightened Solutions Suite is a provider of innovative software solutions designed to streamline business processes and enhance productivity. With a team of dedicated experts and a commitment to excellence, the company continuously strives to deliver cutting-edge products that empower organizations to achieve their goals.

SSC specializes in providing full acquisition lifecycle support, program management, systems engineering and technical assistance, logistics, and management consulting, Information Technology and Software Solutions. For more information, visit:

The level of growth we have attained is a direct reflection of our leadership, our client facing Family members, and our focus on quality."- CEO, Herb Watson


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