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Roger Forester appointed as new Executive Vice President (EVP) of Corporate Development at Seventh Sense Consulting

Seventh Sense Consulting LLC, a leading provider of enlightened solutions in acquisition, program management, and information technology for the federal government, is pleased to announce the appointment of Roger Forester as Executive Vice President (EVP) of Corporate Development. In this critical role, Roger will spearhead efforts to enhance and optimize life-cycle acquisition and procurement functions, addressing key elements of organizational effectiveness and performance.


Roger brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Seventh Sense Consulting. Leveraging our full capabilities, he will collaborate with the private sector to develop innovative client solutions that address the dynamic and ever-changing advancements in technology. His track record includes significant growth and future opportunities during his tenure as Principal of the Aerospace Account at Booz Allen Hamilton, where he led marketing, capture, and a diverse portfolio of client delivery engagements.  Roger also played a pivotal role in enhancing public and private sector organizational performance at the Defense Logistics Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office. His two-year tenure as a proposal coordinator at Lockheed Martin, Management and Data Systems, further solidified his understanding of complex business environments.


Roger holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and a Master of Business Administration from George Mason University.



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