How We Add Value. 



Full Acquisition Lifecycle Support

 Logistics Support


 Program Management Support

 Management Consulting

Information Technology

Cyber Security


Acquisition is much more than contracting.  From requirements to contractor performance management, we love it all!  Acquisition does not have to be painful when you take an enlightened approach.


Often logistics is thought as the most tedious part of the job. We know it's one of the most important. From organizing to execution we take a detailed approach at every step with efficiency in mind.


Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA)


Program Management

Ensure that you (the Government) and the citizens get what you pay for, when you should.  We work with stakeholders to optimize agency performance across all programs.


 If you just want warm-bodies-in-seats, we’re probably not the right company for you.  Enlightened solutions that deliver lasting value require engaged, innovative experts that envision the art of the possible and help to make it a reality.


We find ways to infuse technology and innovation to provide lasting value - long after our contract ends.  Our technology team works to understand your environment and process to improve the user experience.

Cyber Security

We approach Cyber Security from a unique perspective to ensure success. We identify tactics through each process and technology that compliment each other and work seamlessly together. 

And More

Our additional enlightened solutions include organizational assessments, our AP/3 product, strategic planning, TurboPolicy, customer outreach, audit planning and knowledge managment among other gamechangers.