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Seventh Sense Consulting

Enlightened Solutions that Deliver Lasting Value

SSC provides innovative solutions to enable acquisition and program management organizations to fundamentally enhance their inherent capability to reduce acquisition cycle time and cost, while enhancing the quality and fidelity of its acquisitions. We seek to help our clients meet their missions in other areas leveraging our nexus of acquisition that got us started.
SSC helps the Government harness the powerful but often underutilized levers, techniques and tools to improve performance.

The Approach

We are a 100% Virtually Operated Company by design. This unique approach ignites a trusted environment for each of our members and inspires innovative results. We have found success in this approach for over ten years of delivering enlightened solutions.

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Our Core

INTEGRITY - A Trusted Advisor Delivering Products and Services to Dramatically Improve Business Performance.

INSIGHT - Top Talent leveraging frameworks, knowledge resources, collaboration labs to provide High Quality Results that provide lasting value to our clients’.

INNOVATION - Enlightened Solutions Suite of Products and an Employee Bonus Plan that Encourages Innovation and Quality.

Our Services

Our capability summary provides key information about our company in a snapshot.  Here you will see what we do, how we do it, and why we love working with our clients.  Download the document to learn more about our solutions.’

Our Solution

Enlightened Solutions™ is a customizable, configurable suite of products that allows requirements owners and program managers to efficiently plan, execute, and manage procurement request packages throughout the acquisition life-cycle. Our solution suite includes 2 software applications Facilitated Intelligent Needs Development™ (FIND) for acquisition planning and Contractor Performance Intelligence™ (CPI) for post-award performance management; watch these videos below to learn more about FIND and CPI!

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